E41 Apex Friendship Elementary School

This project consists of the new construction of the Apex Friendship Elementary School for Wake County Public Schools constructed on an existing campus of approximately 82 acres, located at 7801 Humie Olive Road, Apex, NC 27502. On-site and off-site construction shall consist of grading, storm drainage, utilities, site improvements, paving, landscaping, retaining walls, and fencing. The new building is a 129,790 sf, 3-level elementary school with shallow CIP concrete foundations, structural steel structure. The building envelope consists of brick veneer on CMU masonry backup with spray foam insulation, brick veneer on metal stud backup with spray foam insulation, or metal panels on metal stud backup with spray foam insulation, and Mod bit roofing over lightweight insulation concrete system. Typical building interiors include CMU partitions, GWB partitions and assemblies, acoustical ceilings, PLAM casework, painting, flooring, and building specialties.



Prebid Date1/21/21 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Barnhill Contracting

Dustin Hale dhale@barnhillcontracting.com   919.868.7549


Apex, NC


February 10, 2021 @ 2:00 PM: BP100–General Trades; BP221–Surveying; BP390–Turnkey Concrete; BP400–Turnkey Masonry; BP500–Turnkey Steel; BP800–Doors/Frames/Hardware; BP840–Glass & Glazing; BP925–Drywall; BP930–Ceramic Tile; BP960–Resilient Carpet/Base; BP963-Terazzo Flooring; BP980–Acoustical Ceilings; BP1005–Toilet Specialties/Accessories; BP1010–Identifying Devices; BP1015–Markerboards; BP1065–Operable Partitions; BP1148–Athletic Equipment; BP3100–Earthwork; BP3200–Asphalt Paving; BP3213–Concrete Paving & Sidewalks; BP3231–Fences & Gates; BP3290–Landscaping; BP3300–Site Utilities; BP3400–Turnkey Site and

February 11, 2021 @ 2:00 PM: BP105–Final Cleaning; BP550–Misc. Steel; BP740–Roofing; BP750-Metal Wall Panels; BP790–Caulking & Waterproofing; BP990–Painting; BP1053-Awnings & Canopies; BP1110–Theater & Stage Equipment; BP1120–Library Furnishings; BP1140–Food Service Equipment; BP1220–Window Treatments; BP1230–Manufactured Casework; BP1420–Elevators; BP2100–Fire Protection; BP2200–Plumbing; BP2300–HVAC; BP2305–HVAC Testing & Balancing; BP2309–HVAC Controls; BP2600–Electrical; BP2640–Communications; BP2650–Fire Alarm; BP2660–Security Systems.

Bids will be received and opened publicly via Zoom. Links Listed below:

February 10, 2021 at https://barnhillcontracting.zoom.us/j/84088138254?from=addon Meeting ID: 840 8813 8254, and on

February 11, 2021 at https://barnhillcontracting.zoom.us/j/86810261308?from=addon Meeting ID: 868 1026 1308.

Bids will not be accepted from bidders that are not pre-qualified.