Bojangles-Ovens LINK Facility

Bojangles-Ovens Link Facility project in Charlotte, NC. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Coliseum-Auditorium Link Connector will be a 38,000 SF new facility that connects the Bojangles’ Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium Buildings. The 3-Story Building will provide office space for the CRVA, Checkers, new restroom, ticketing and concessions, and hospitality and food service spaces. Site development, structure, finishes and full MEP trade packages are included. Bid Packages: Finish Carpentry/Casework, Low Voltage Systems. Prequalification is closed for all other bid packages. Historically underutilized business participation is highly encouraged.
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Name Size
Civil 25.6 MB
Electrical 11.5 MB
Fire Protection 1.5 MB
Food Service 2.1 MB
General & Architectural 68.4 MB
Mechanical 17.0 MB
Plumbing 12.6 MB
Structural 11.6 MB
Technology 13.2 MB
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Name Size
Bid Manual FINAL 12.9 MB